Allen Valley Angling & Conservation is based in Allendale, Northumberland

We promote the sport of fishing and conservation of the River East Allen for anglers and the local community.

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Allen Valley Angling & Conservation

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Welcome to

Allen Valley Angling & Conservation

Allen Valley Angling & Conservation (AVAC) was established in July, 2011 by local environmentalist and fishing enthusiast Paul Frear. Allen Valley Angling & Conservation is based in Allendale, Northumberland in North East England. Discovering that his local river - the River East Allen - was a considerable undeveloped fishing resource, Paul set up Allen Valley Angling & Conservation to facilitate the sustainable development of this resource. The organisation has a growing membership of people who share Paul's passion for conserving and improving the river habitat - as well as for fly fishing!

The organisation is not-for-profit and this means the money anglers pay to go fishing goes straight back to the fishery - with revenues contributing towards conservation efforts to improve fish stock and riverside access. In effect, simply by going fishing on the AVAC waters, anglers are in fact helping to protect and improve the Allen Valley's fisheries.

Great fishing

in beautiful, unrivalled countryside

The River East Allen, situated in the beautiful North Pennines - a designated area of outstanding natural beauty - is home to wild brown trout and provides a spawning ground for sea trout and salmon, which swim up the River Tyne on the North East Coast, to where it joins the River East Allen, near Allendale.


These wild native fish provide great sport for anglers and Allen Valley Angling & Conservation welcomes anglers of all levels of experience.


Please do take some time to find out about becoming a member of Allen Valley Angling & Conservation, or if you are visiting the area for a short time, where you can get your day or weekly fishing permit.

Conservation Efforts


to improve river habitat


Pictured: Paul with Graeme and Mark taking a break from balsam removal work.

As an organisation, we're committed to improving and managing the natural environment of the River East Allen.

We undertake all kinds of projects - from path creation & bank management to tree canopy management and removal of harmful debris from the river itself.


The work that we do would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors, with whom we are proud to be associated.

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Have you remebered to renew your rod licences for the upcoming season? Remember you need A rod licence to fish all AVAC waters. Do so online by following this link!

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Seen anything suspisious while out and about on the river? if so take a look at thie PDf below with information on how to speak up on rural crime with crimestoppers.

ruralcrime crimestoppers.pdf

Allen Valleys,

If the river is too high or you fancy a change of scenery here is a link to some other interesting things you could get up too in the Allen Valley!


Fishing Info,

A handy litte link to a fantastic website check it out!

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Catch Returns


Its come to that time of year to share with us how well or not your season has gone!

Please complete a catch return and send it to us by following the advice on the Catch Returns Page


It is that time of year again when we hold our AGM for more info follow the link to the Upcoming Events Page

End of the Season

well that was a tough year! lets hope next season brings a bit ore rain with it!

Balsam Bash

Sunday the 12th August find out more on the upcoming events page

Lead Trout 2018 winner

Mark Charlton takes the trophy this year find out more on the Past Events Page

Rise in the River

A nice little rise in river level just to freshen things up before the Lead Trout!

Beat walk and Lead trout trophy!

we will be holding a Beat walk prior to the Lead trout trophy to find out more check out the Upcoming Events Page

New Rule!

Childer under 16 are now permitted to fish with worm on Coatenhill as long as they fish with barbless hooks and under a float.


Coatenhill is fishing extreamly well at the moment with loaads of hungry trout taking the fly!

New Season

Tight lines for the season ahead!


Thanks to all that made the effort to come to our AGM, it was a good night and now we just need to wait a couple more weeks and the river will be open once again! see you on the bank!

Graeme Edwards steps down

Graeme who has served the club since the start and has not just helped us get up and running but has also helped keep us running in that streight path has stood down! Barry wilson will be taking on his role as membership secretary. As a fitting gesture to all his hard work Graeme was awarded a lifetime membership to the club and we wish him all the best for the future!

Welcoming new committee members

John Day and Clive Bishop will be joining the committee this season we would like to welcome them and hope there experience and new ideas can help bring more to our club!

Catch Returns Draw

Thanks to all who submited returns this years lucky draw winner was Barry Nicholson...Well done!

Catch Returns

Its come to that time of year to share with us how well or not your season has gone!

Please complete a catch return and send it to us by following the advice on the Catch Returns Page


The AGM has been confimed! it will be held on Saturday 10th February at 7pm in the Golden LionMore info here

Season comes to an end!

well folks thanks once again for making this club what it is! another fantastic season has come to an end have a look at how the last few weeks played out! catch reports


If you see any Himalayan Balsam while out and about on the river please pull this plant up and destroy it by breaking it up and placing it where the roots will dry out.

Lead Trout 2017

Find out who took the prize this year and more here! past events

When the Float Comes In

Peter McParlin one of our members has just released a book!

Titled When the Float Comes In,  ‘A year’s fishing on River, Lake and Sea in the North East of England’ it is a fantastic read and includes a chapter on the mighty River East Allen!


Lead Trout Trophy

Lead Trout Trophy! It has come to that time of year again, the battle to be crowned the ultimate angler with the prestigious Lead Trout Trophy up for grabs once again to find out more follow the link. upcoming events Page.

Its all go on the East Allen

The season is well under way and both river and lake are fishing very well so what are you waiting for go wet a line!

Sea Trout


After the recent rain it appears the Sea Trout have made it into the East Allen system, a few are making the leap over the weir today! 5/7/16!


Lead Trout Trophy!

Congratulations to Nick on claiming this year's Lead Trout Trophy!

Trout and Salmon

Check out this month’s Trout and Salmon(June), there is a lovely little feature on our river!

Open day success


Looking at reports it seems the fish have been on the feed from day one, check out the full open day report by following this link, Fishing reports


It's Open Season!!

I'm sure you like all of us here at AVAC are glad to finally be able to dust off the winter cobwebs and set foot back onto this fantastic water! if you have not already renewed your licence do so on this link, Membership

Fantastic news!

As agreed at the AGM membership price has been frozen at the 2015 season so that means no increase for the 2016 season! Join up now!

Catch returns

The catch returns are in and can be viewed following this link, Catch returns

Look Whats on its way!

Have a look at these images taken from the Riding Mill fish counter, scores of salmon and sea trout are passing through on their way upstream to spawn and they are heading here! fishing reports

End of the Brown Trout Season

Well the brown trout season has come to an end, tough fishing over the summer months with low clear waters, let's hope for a spot of rain to get the sea trout running for the final month of fishing before the river goes back to sleep for another winter.

Lead Trout winner!

 It was Cliff Jackson who came up with the goods and netted this years Lead Trout Trophy, Congratulations.

scale sampling,

Here is a handy little guide for taking scale samples from fish you catch in the upcoming season, more information and envelopes will be sent out in your membership packs, this data is useful to us as well as the environment agency so please do use this guide and send your scale samples in.

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Puffy Skin Disease at Coatenhill,

Please be aware that there is a suspected outbreak of 'Puffy Skin Disease' at Coatenhill Lake which has affected some of our stocked Rainbows.
 I have attached a .pdf document published by the Environment Agency for your information.  Please do read this carefully and the AVAC Committee respectfully asks that if you do come across an affected Rainbow please kill it - do not return it.  Please read the leaflet to understand what to look out for.
 Your AVAC Committee is working with the EA to understand more about the disease and how fisheries can manage this, however, as you'll see leaflet attached not much is yet known about the disease. We'll keep you posted as to any further developments and of course how we intend to handle the issue.
Enter file download description here


Global software giant Sage have agreed to sponsor Allen Valley Angling & Conservation - providing welcome and much-needed funding to put towards conservation efforts.

More details about Sage sponsorship


Allen Valley Angling & Conservation is looking for sponsors to help us achieve our conservation goals. Find out about how becoming a sponsor can help your business.

More details about sponsorship packages


We've created a channel on You Tube and will be posting our videos of the different fishing beats for you to enjoy. Please visit us here.


Check out the weather conditions ahead of your fishing trip to the River East Allen with our helpful 5-day forecast, provided by the Met Office.

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